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Mass Casualties








 For a list of the following links with a brief summary of each site, click here. URLs can be accessed from this PDF file.


 Acute Traumatic Stress Management (ATSM) - Added Nov 2003

 Acute Traumatic Stress Management (ATSM)

 Deployment Health Clinical Center (DHCC) – DoD

 American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress

 Internatl Critical Incident Stress Foundation Inc (ICSF)

 American Psychiatric Association

 King County (Washington) Div of Emer Medical Services

 Clinicians Group, LLC

 Medline Plus - Links for PTSD

 Critical Incident Stress (CIS) - Discussion Forum

 Natl Center for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

 Critical Incident Stress Management

 Natl Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH)

 Critical Stress Management

 PTSD Sanctuary

 Critical Incident Stress Management

 Rocky Mountain Survival Group

 Critical Incident Stress Management - Austin CC, TX



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 American Biological Safety Association

 Chemical & Biological Arms Control (FAS)

 Assoc for Professionals in Infection Control (APIC)

 Emergency Net News

 Bioterrorism (CDC)

 Emergency Response to Terrorist Incidents

 Bioterrorism (FDA)

 Emerging Infectious Diseases (CDA)

 Bioterrorism (NIH)

 Heritage Foundation

 Center for Biologics Eval & Res: Countering Bioterrorism

 Introduction to Bioterrorism Response Suite

 Center for Bioterrorism Preparedness


 Center for Civilian Biodefence Strategies (JH-CCB)

 PBS Nova: Bioterror

 Center for Food Safety & Applied Nutrition (CFSAN)

 Public Health Emer Preparedness & Response (CDC)

 Center for the Study of Bioterrorism (CSB)

 Terrorism Research Center

 Center for the Study of Bioterrorism (SLU-CSBEI)


 Biological Set 2 - Added Nov 2003


 Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

 Johns Hopkins Univ Ctr for Civilian Biodefense Strat

 American College of Physicians

 Natl Assoc of City & County Health Officials (NACCHO)

 American Medical Association (AMA)

 Natl Academy of Sciences

 American Nurses Association

 Natl Governor’s Association

 Assoc for Prof in Infection Control & Epid (APIC)

 New Scientist

 Assoc of State & Terrl Dir of Health... (ASTDHPPHE)

 Occupational Safety & Health Admin (OSHA)

 CATO Institute

 Uniformed Services Univ of the Health Science

 Center for Infectious Disease Research & Policy - Univ of MN

 U.S. Air Force Counterproliferation Center

 Center for the Study of Bioterrorism (CSB)

 U.S. Army Medical Research Inst of Infectious Diseases

 Counter-Terrorism Trng & Resources for Law Enforcement

 U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services (HHS)

 Dept of Defense, September 12, 2000

 Univ of CA at Los Angeles (UCLA) – Dept of Epidemiology

 Emergency Nursing News (ENW)

 Univ of North Carolina - Bioterrorism Wall Chart

 Emory University

 Univ of South Florida Center for Biological Defense (CBD)

 FOX News Story

 White House - Defending Against Biological Terrorism

 Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA)

 World Health Organization

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 Chemical Emer Preparedness & Prevention (EPA)

 Federation of American Scientists

 Chemical Warfare Agents (USACHPPM)

 Medical NBC Online

 Environmental Safety & Health (Dept of Energy)

 Science & Technology (Mitretek Systems)

 EPA Chem. Emer. Preparedness & Prevention Office

 Stimson Center

 EPA Emergency Response

 U.S. Chemical Weapons Convention

 Chemical Set 2 - Added Nov 2003


 Asst Sec for Legislation (ASL) Dept of Health & Human Services

 U.S. Army Medical Research Inst of Chem Defense (USAMRICD) - Chem Casualty Care Division (CCCD)

 Chemical Education Foundation

 U.S. Army Soldier & Biological Chem Command (SBCCOM)

 Department of Homeland Security

 U.S. Coast Guard

 National Academic Press - On-line book

 Univ of North Carolina - Chemical Terrorism Wall Chart

 U.S. Air Force Counterproliferation Center


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 Bombs, Explosives, Fireworks

 FBI: Explosives Unit

 CBRNE Information Links

 Homeland Security Applications

 Classifications of Explosives

 Interpol: Weapons/Explosives

 DOE Explosives Safety Program

 NSC: Explosives & Weapons

 Emergency Medicine

 Pest Patrol: Touch Explosives

 EOD Products: Explosives Detector

 Short Courses: Explosives, Shock, Impact Hazards


 Survival Books: Explosives & Demolitions

 Explosives Mitigation

 Types of Explosives

 Explosives: OSP Bomb Squad

 USAF Counterproliferation Center

 Explosives Science

 Weapons of Mass Destruction

 Explosives & Weapons Forum

 WMD First Responders: Explosives

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 Mass Casualties - Added Nov 2003


 Arizona Emergency Medical Systems Inc (AEMS)

 Modec Inc of Denver, CO

 Centers for Disease Control & Prevention

 U.S. SBCCOM's Homeland Defense Business Unit

 Counter-Terrorism: Trng & Res for Law Enforcement

 U.S. Dept of Justice: Mass Casualty Decontamination

 Disaster Plng Internatl – Henry J. Siegelson, MD, FACEP


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 National Incident Management System NIMS

 ICS/UC Technical Assistance Document

 ICS Web-Based Training

 Incident/Unified Command Video

 IS-195 Basic Incident Command System

 New Incident Command System/Unified Command e-Tools (Stand-alone, interactive, Web-based training tools)

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 Nuclear / Radiological

 Chemical & Biological Defense (CBIAC)


 Heritage Foundation


 Introduction to Special Weapons (FAS)


 Medical NBC Online


 Nuclear Control Institute


 Nuclear / Radiological Set 2 - Added Nov 2003


 Armed Forces Radiobiology Research Institute (AFRRI)


 Centers for Disease Control - Nuclear Weapon

 Natl Memorial Inst for the Prevention of Terrorism (MIPT)

 Centers for Disease Control - Radioactive Material

 Stanford Univ Center for Internatl Security & Cooperation

 Council on Foreign Relations (Terrorism Q & A)

 TMI - Nuclear terrorism

 Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board

 University of CA at San Francisco - Nuclear attack

 Dept of Homeland Security

 U.S. Air Force Counterproliferation Center

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 CDT's Counter-Terrorism Issues

 Office for State & Local Dom. Prep Support (DoJ)

 Countering Terrorism & Protecting Our Forces

 Office of Coordinator for Counter-Terrorism (State Dept)

 EPA Counter-Terrorism

 Office of Science & Technology Policy (White House)

 ERRI Counter-Terrorism

 Society of Toxicology

 Internatl Assoc of Counterterrorism & Security Prof.

 Terrorist Groups Profiles

 Kim-spy: Paramilitary & Terrorism

 U.S. Dept of Homeland Security

 National Academies Terrorism & Security Collection

 U.S. State Dept "Patterns of Global Terrorism" Reports

 Terrorism (General) - Added Nov 2003


 American Military University (AMU)

 Midwest Consortium for Hazardous Waste Worker Trng

 American Red Cross

 Natl Clearinghouse for Worker Safety & Health Trng

 ANSER Institute of Homeland Security

 Natl Disaster Medical System (NDMS)

 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms & Explosives

 Natl Memorial Inst for the Prevention of Terrorism

 Canadian Centre for Emergency Preparedess

 NIEHS Worker Education & Trng Program – April 2002, TN

 Center for Emer Resp Tech, Instr, & Policy (CERTIP)

 Natl Homeland Security Knowledgebase

 Center for Nonproliferation Studies – Monterrey Institute

 Natl Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH)

 Center for Strategic Studies

 Natl Institute of Occupational Safety & Health (NIOSH)

 Central Intelligence Agency

 Natl Response Center – United States Coast Guard

 Centre for Defence & Internatl Security & Studies

 Natl Terrorism Prep Inst, St. Petersburg College

 Council on Foreign Relations

 Occupational Safety & Health Admin (OSHA)

 Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC)

 Office of the Counterintelligence Executive

 Dept of Veterans Affairs – Office of Occup Safety & Health

 Office of Domestic Preparedness

 Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC)

 Office of Domestic Preparedness, Dept of Justice

 Emergency Management Institute (EMI)

 Office of Hazardous Materials Safety


 Office of the Surgeon General – Medical NBC

 Emergency Prep for the Workforce, Mitchel A. Rosen

 Rand Corporation

 Equipment Eval & Reports from SBCCOM

 Robert Irwin - Online book

 Federal Bureau of Investigation

 State of Alabama

 Federal Emer Management Agency - Training

 Terrorism Research Center Inc

 Federal Emer Management Agency - Links to offices

 Natl Emer Response & Rescue Training Center

 Federal Emer Management Agency (FEMA) - Courses

 Texas Worker’s Compensation Commission

 Firehouse.com - Weapons of Mass Destr First Resp

 U.S. Air Force Counterproliferation Center - Global War

 Food& Drug Administration (FDA)

 U.S. Air Force Counterproliferation Center - First Responder

 Homeland Security Advisory System

 U.S. Conference of Mayors

 Homeland Security Initiatives at George Washington Univ

 U.S. Dept of Justice

 Interactive Learning Paradigms Inc (ILPI)

 U.S. Fire Administration

 Internatl Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)

 U.S. National Library of Medicine

 Internatl Policy Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT)

 U.S. Secretary of State – Counterterrorism Office

 Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

 Uniformed Services Univ of the Health Sciences (USUHS)

 Lawrence Berkeley Livermore Natl Laboratory

 WMD First Responders

 Mayo Clinic

 Weapons of Mass Destr Prep & Response Inst

 Medical NBC Glossary

 WMD Task Force

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